Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watch Out!

I think our house may be the home of many mood swings. Dave is starting the terrible twos. Don't get me wrong - he isn't terrible at all BUT he does go from giggly and happy one minute to a pile of mush, wriggling and crying at my feet in seconds. All because Scout (his stuffed dog) didn't get to go to daycare with him or I didn't have a snack in his hand THAT INSTANT... it keeps his momma and daddy on their toes.

In the female realm of our house - yes, I'm fully aware I'm about to be outnumbered. I'm pregnant. Need I say more? Jeremy and I may be watching some sporting event or "What would you do" on t.v. and I'm reduced to tears... all because of some human interest story. The next second I'm usually mad at Jeremy because he was teasing me or not sensitive enough to my feelings about the situation. Can anyone say "Mood Swing."

Now Jeremy... with all the emotions around him, he's a little on edge too...

Needless to say, our house has been a minefield as to what is going to set one of us off... Bella, suprisingly is the most calm one of the house right now... unless someone knocks on the door. So if you come to visit - BEWARE!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Need My Fix...

Some of you may know... I am a HUGE fan of country music. I'm not talking about the nowdays country such as Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts - that's just not country to me. I love the OLD 80's and 90's country.

Jeremy and I have been to one particular artist's concerts several times (4 to be exact) and it's been about a year since the last time we went. I am certainly starting to need my George fix...
I mean really... when he sings - I feel as if I'm the only girl in the room. Even when you are in the cheap seats WAY in the back (like we always are!)
The last time we attended his concert, it was at the new arena in Wichita. He closed the show with Leann Womack (who wasn't near as good as I expected her to be) and another one of my favorites... Reba.

If you know Jeremy, he's not the most outwardly affectionate man around - big surprise there... but something about being at a concert really gets him in the dancing, singing and snuggling type mood. So here we are enjoying a few beverages, singing along to all the songs and dancing with each other - yes in the small area where our seats are and what happens? The duds sitting behind us decide we are ruining their concert going experience by enjoying our favorite singer by dancing and singing in our seats...

Enter security - the boring concert goers behind us went to the security guards and asked them to kick us out - or something along those lines. In any case, we are asked to leave by security or sit in our seats, which would have been fine but after being verbally abused by the people behind us (and guess what? they were younger even younger than us - bet you were picturing older people... Nope!) we decided to just head out with a few songs to spare. Needless to say, the 8 of us that were partaking in this wonderful concert were bummed to have it so rudely cut short.

I'm in desperate need of my George fix. Every time he schedules a tour, I'm convinced it will be his last and we MUST go. Hopefully we'll have the funds and I'll not be "with child" the next time he decides to come our way.

And just so you know... these are my favorite George Strait songs:
"Marina Del Ray"
"Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa"
"Famous Last Words"
"Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye"
"You Can't Make a Heart Love Somebody"
I could go on forever but I'll save everyone from my ramblings of the evening...
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