Thursday, January 28, 2016

Finding Joy in Everyday Life

Life is not always butterflies and roses. Regular life is not trips or vacations, fun and exciting days or meals out on the town and days filled of the whole family getting along. Life is difficult and messy and not always full of pleasant things.

However, each day has a bright spot. Even in the most mundane or bleak day, there is a what my mom would call a "God Wink" that shows He's there with you.

Yesterday was a long day for me. It wasn't a bad day... it was just a day. I ran late, I dealt with issues at work... I got grumpy with my kids. But when I was pulling into town after working an extended day (and not making my necessary decompressing run), JM called me up and told me we had a new neighbor... our neighbors got a new Yellow Lab! It was definitely the bright spot in my whole day, and my "Joy" in the regular.

Tonight - I read one of my favorite books, "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" with David. I snuggled him for an extra 5 minutes then ran upstairs to read, "Horton Hears a Who" and snuggle with my Dillon. Best. Part. Of. My. Day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Book Review - More of the same

I love to read. Since my last book post, I've joined a book club. The ladies are awesome. It's a diverse group of ages, backgrounds and careers - with a very important tie... we love to read. My book club has helped me branch out into new books that I wouldn't have normally picked.

However, when in a book drought, I always lean back into my favorite author. Nora Roberts was one of my first "adult reads" and she has always been there with an easy read that takes me to another land. One thing I love about NR, she has a ton of books that have a magical, futuristic or a little "out there" twist to them. I enjoy the romantic story line with a little extra pizzazz built in.

Enter my latest NR read... and book one of 2016!

Buy it here

Stars of Fortune was great! I read it quickly and enjoyed it quite a bit. The book follows along a typical NR trilogy story line. Six people randomly find each other and form a group to fight whatever dark forces are that threaten them/society. Book one - the first couple hooks up (and so on and so forth). While it may be boring to follow such a predictable story line, NR changes it up each book with the magical. In this book we have a witch (or magician), mermaid, transporter, lycan, etc. Together they fight the evil Goddess that wants to take over the world and have eternal youth.

A quick, easy and enjoyable read - I always will pick up a NR book for lazy weekend at home.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back in Action

I miss my blog. I miss the random diary entries that I feel compelled to share my opinion and our every days going-ons. Life changes and different things take priority. 2015 was not a year that I focused on me and what I need to be a great Amanda. I was a good mom, employee, wife, and daughter, not necessarily in that order, but I wasn't the best "me".

As you may know, I get a lot of passion in having a goal and working towards it or at least having an overarching narrative for what I want my life to be. I think this blog helps me be accountable to that goal or narrative.

So without futher ado.... I'm back. And here are a few things that have been happening over the past few months.

We had Christmas for my side of the family at our house. It was a wonderful day of yummy food (JM smoked a turkey!) games and hanging out with family. It really made my whole Christmas season to have everyone to our house to celebrate the holiday. 
I snuggled my Dilly by the fire. He seems to have me wrapped around his little finger. I mean - who could resist those eyes!
JM and I had season tickets to the K-State Football games again this year. And...we bought two more so we could bring our rowdy boys along. This game was pretty cold so the boys got to stay home. 
I took my Dave on a Mommy/Son date. We dressed nice, ate at a Japanese Steakhouse and went to a movie. It was an awesome Sunday date and I can't wait to take him out again. 
I got to be a Classy Cat again! And guess what? I still knew ALL the dances. Oh how I miss those days! It was great fun to dance with all the "old timers" and watch the band receive the Stutler Award
The boys fooled around at Christmas. :)

I'll be back soon with more words, diary entries and opinions. :)
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