Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Required Birth Control...

My niece Abbey stayed with us Monday night... she was a blessing to have around. David loved playing with her and I just don't get to see her enough. I kept thinking about what she saw of our family through her eyes...

Our evening was wonderful and we had so much fun hanging out. We ate, gave the boys baths and read TOS of books... Fast forward to 8:30. Dave is in his bed talking to himself. All is well in the McDiffett household. Then - we are all watching American Pickers and I'm burping Dillon who apparently has had a little too much to drink :) and proceeds to projectile vomit all over himself (he even had it in his eyes), me (it was in my hair) and the couch. I looked over at Abbey and the look of "OMG" on her face was priceless.

I get to thinking... In high school, you take sex education or a home economics class and they send you home with a baby that cries every two hours and you turn a key or change the diaper or feed it and it stops after a few minutes. How realistic is this?

Being a parent is about the greatest, most rewarding challenge in the world. BUT, in my opinion, even when you are ready and trying to have a baby, it's still overwhelming and a little scary at times! Let alone get pregnant early or without the support of a significant other or family.

My proposal is to send each high schooler to the home of a couple with an infant to witness the everyday craziness that comes with having a baby. Let them see the fun that comes with a baby and the stuff that's possibly not what they would consider fun. Seems way more productive than a baby with a key in it's back!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Accelerated Naptime

David got what we call around our house an "accelerated naptime." Pretty much that means he was being a tired, grouchy monster and needed to go to bed early! :) By noon I had been told "no" at least 70 times, been kicked and Dave had been to time out already. I was about to pull my hair out... THEN... my sweet little boy let me rock him and read him his books before naptime with little to no room on my lap because Dillon was with us. After the books were done he wanted to say "prayers" and rock. While we were rocking, he was giving Dillon kisses and rubbing his head. I mean really... how does the switch get flipped that fast?!?

In any case, naptime will be over in about 30 minutes. Hopefully he is refreshed and more like the sweet guy that went to bed rather than the grouchy guy from this morning!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

My friend Rachel got married this weekend. She was the most beautiful bride. I think I told her that - like 20 times...

A few highlights of the weekend...

I'm holding my future daughter-in-law, Olivia. My good friend Molly is holding Dillon.

The Bride-to-be

 Rachel and Joel Wiens

I wish I would have taken more pictures... It was a beautiful wedding and Rachel and Joel have many wonderful years ahead of them. Love you guys!

Dillon's Birth Story...

I definately did not live up to my earlier goal of posting this a lot sooner... but 3 weeks isn't too late I hope...

For about a week before Dillon was born I was so sure he was coming. Every night before I left work I would write out a few instructions on where I was on pending issues. I would drive home so sure I was not coming back the next day - or it was more wishful thinking... I knew little Dillon wasn't ready to come meet us yet.

Friday night we took Dave to Jeremy's parents house so we could go to the Bamalam (bar & grill in AV) for dinner. There was to be a band playing that night and we sure didn't want to miss out on some entertainment in our usually entertainment-less town. We headed to the bar and met up with some friends. I had one of my favorite dinners there... hamburger steak, baked potato and salad. Definately more of a man's meal than a prego lady's! We talked with friends and I danced in my seat to the band - telling everyone I was going to dance the baby out tonight. I was mostly joking because I'd been saying that all week! We got Dave around 9:30 and were in bed by 10:00... and excited for the next day because there were going to be festivities in AV for the Symphony that was taking place between AV and Alma.

At about 2:00 or 2:30 I woke up and was having some contractions. They were about 12-15 minutes apart and not very strong so I didn't worry too much about it. Around 5:00 the contractions started to get closer and stronger so I woke Jeremy up, although I think he was already somewhat awake from my tossing and turning and moaning. We stayed in bed for another few minutes then both decided we'd get ready to go to the hospital.

Jeremy's parents came to watch David - who was asleep at the time - and we headed out. When we got into the car my contractions were about 8 to 9 minutes apart. I'm pretty sure Jeremy didn't believe I was in labor because he was really taking his time and his gas light was on in his truck... I told him there was no way we were stopping for gas so we better make it all the way to Manhattan.

By the time we reached Manhattan, my contractions were 5 minutes apart and I was starting to really freak out!!! We went in at the Emergency Exit and they took us right up to the birthing unit and our room. We met our nurse and everything got started... I'm not sure if I mentioned this before - but our nurse was the same nurse that helped deliver Dave!

Everything went really well... they called for an epidural right away, although, it didn't feel like I got it soon enough! We got there right before 7 and delivered Dillon at 9:07. We didn't have any complications except for Dillon's heartbeat was a little low so I had to be on oxygen while I was pushing. I can't remember how long I pushed but it was under 10 minutes.

When Dillon came out Jeremy and I looked at each other and said, "He looks just like David!" He doesn't now... but that first moment he looked like a mini Dave.

Our parents came to visit and brought Dave. We had a few minutes with our new family and I can't imagine any memory that will be more special to me... David gave his new baby brother a kiss right away and when he left he said "Bye Brother."

Now for some pictures...
First one with Momma
With Daddy

Dillon and Dave's first meeting

On the way home. He was such a little guy!

I really wish I would have taken a picture with our nurses. They were so awesome and such good support. And patient with me. I'm pretty sure I talked the delivery nurse's ear off because I was so hyped up!

Updates coming again soon... 
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