Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13th ALREADY?

This past month I decided I was going to give myself some monthly goals...

  • Spend some quality time with my girlfriends Rachel and Molly
  • Finish my shelves I started long ago
  • Send out our Valentines Day Cards
Two out of three isn't bad...

Rachel, Molly and I got together in AV in February. I did not get our Valentine's cards out. I tried and failed. By the time I got around to ordering them, they wouldn't have been delivered until February 15. I'm assuming it would take me SEVERAL days to get them addressed and sent out, so I just decided I wasn't going to stress over them.

We hung the shelves last night. You can see where I started making them here. Four months is a little slow going... but with two crazy boys it gets a little hectic around here, not to mention I really excel at procrastination. I originally found the inspiration and plans from Ana White's blog. She is pretty amazing and I think I'd like to do EVERYTHING she has plans for. Especially this (easy), nightstand (less easy), bookshelves (harder), and this bed (hardest). Oh the plans I have! :)

The lighting is pretty poor since it's about 9:00 at night. And obviously we were vacuuming behind the couch when we had the chance!

Still don't know what all I plan to put on these... but I do have some ideas!

That wall used to look pretty bare. It's amazing how much more homey the living room feels. Just need a piece of furniture over by the chair when you come into the house!

The boys were occupied playing cars while Jeremy and I were hanging the shelves. They have been playing so well together these days. Although you have to remind the big brother to share with the little one about 100 times!

Dill started crawling last week and is all over the place. He's getting to be such a big boy!

I have about a million other things I want to do to the house. Next up is landscaping and planting outside. We did very little when we moved in and now are ready to make the house look more like "ours" this spring.

My monthly March goals are:
  • See the HUNGER GAMES
  • Decide on landscaping scheme for front and back yards. I've been searching the web and asking around at the local landscaping places for ideas and pricing. I'm thinking we're going to carve out a weekend to plant, lay edging and work on the flower beds. We painted our house ourselves two years ago over Memorial Day weekend and I'm hoping that weekend would work again.
  • Try at least one freezer crock pot meal. I keep seeing this on pinterest and think I should try it. Sounds perfect for us since I get home so late and am adamant that I'm going to spend some time with the boys instead of doing chores the whole time! - Note - Jeremy and I usually eat around 9:30 every night. That does not lead to small hips. :(
Hopefully I can stick to these a bit better than I did my last month's goals!

Friday, March 9, 2012


The morning Dillon was born, I was up early having contractions. I didn't want to wake Jeremy because I wasn't sure if they were real or not, so, I watched a little t.v. in bed. For some reason, I watched VH1 for a long time. I woke Jeremy up in the early morning to tell him I thought we actually needed to go to the hospital and this video was playing on VH1. He was a little out of it and so confused! I remember him asking - What are you watching!?!

Kinda random and a little funny! Happy Friday!
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