Friday, November 4, 2011

You've got to be kidding!

Jeremy always bags on the blog because I'm such an infrequent and sporadic poster... because of that - I have LOTS to share. So to catch you up...

Last time I "really" posted, it was right before my birthday and I was sharing my resolutions. An update:
  • Woodworking - I finally convinced Jeremy to let me build these oak shelves I've been eyeing of Ana White's website. This picture is from her website... definitely not the finished product. My project is going a little slow. I've sanded the oak down but was trying to get one piece glued together while Dave was napping one afternoon and glued it wrong. I'm currently trying to figure out exactly how to go about "detaching" my mistake! Ten Dollar Ledges
  • Take time for myself. Not so much - yet... Jeremy and I have had some alone time which has been great but I haven't had much time for just me. Next Friday I'm meeting up with Rachel and Molly and I CAN'T WAIT!
  • Think before speaking - yeah right. I'm a work in progress.
  • Give up Chips. I made it one day. :) Dave was eating some Cheetos at Richard and Lori's and wanted me to hold them. I was doing pretty good until Jeremy leaned over and said "Amanda, everyone has a vice. Yours is just chips. You can eat one." So I did.
The night before my birthday we went to our friends' house in Dwight, the Talley's for a quick visit. Jeremy snapped this cute picture of the two boys, Jacob and Dave cruising for chicks. Jacob will be in David's class as they are only a few months apart! I hope they are good friends and the girls are not too busy fighting over them- but they are handsome boys now... so who knows! :)

On my birthday, Alta Vista had Old Settlers Day. There were lots of activities.

There was a parade.

This was a "homecoming couple from years ago! It was so cute!
My Birthday Pic!

Trike Races!

Foot Races!

Softball throw!

Turtle Races!

And a bounce house!

Old Settler's Day also had a volleyball tournament and horseshoe tournament but as I don't play sports that involve a ball... and know nothing about horseshoes - I was out.

My friend Rachel came down while Jeremy was fishing one weekend and we went to the Pumpkin Patch in Alma. The patch had all kinds of activities like a tree house, jumping into hay, tube slide, walking trail, smores, etc. and of course, pumpkins!

 Dill was a good sport for his big brother.

We took Dillon to a couple of football games. We didn't take Dave because he would have been all over the place. Maybe in a couple of years the whole family can start going!

We had tummy time. :)

Dave took a nap with Mommy.

And one with Daddy. Obviously he really likes his Sponge Bob blanket.

And last but not least... we did some Halloweening!

Dave was a football player and Dill was a horse.

We did a Halloween Parade in AV.

Richard and Lori and my parents, Sam and Betty, handed out candy on the street as well.

We went to a carnival they held at the Baptist church here. Dave loved the cake walk!

But pick out Skittles instead of yummy cookies! I was WAY disappointed!

Now that I've caught up on my posting. I promise to try to be better in the future!

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  1. LOVE all the pictures and the post! :-) You have such a beautiful family!!


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