Monday, November 21, 2011

Fifteen through Twenty One

I guess Monday is my catch up day. I haven't posted in a week!

# 15 - Coffee

I've started drinking coffee this past week and it's amazing what it does to wake me up in the morning... I wonder if I could give it to Dave? He definitely has his mom's (and dad) morning personality.

# 16 - Brotherly Love

Jeremy and I got lucky. Dave does not, for the most part, get jealous of the attention Dillon gets. And Dillon is usually so patient with us when Dave needs something. I know they will argue and fight sooner than later but I'm so happy they already have the foundation of brotherly love that they have.

# 17 - Broke not Wealthy

This is going to sound kinda crazy... I'm glad we are "average" in the terms of income. We are lucky to have a nice house, that we can keep warm, in a town we enjoy living in. We can afford groceries and, although not expensive, Christmas presents. Not only am I thankful that we can provide the necessities to our family... I'm glad we aren't overly wealthy. Our boys are going to grow up the way we did... working for what we wanted. Jeremy and I both worked in high school and paid for our own cars. Our parents may have given us spending money every once in a while but we learned to spend our money wisely because it was "our" hard earned money. I'm glad our boys will be raised this way. I am glad that we don't have an overabundance of funds because I would find it hard not to give it to the boys all the time when they wanted... Jeremy on the other hand - would probably stop me - but I'm glad we don't have that to worry about!

Maybe I'm crazy!?! Who is happy to be broke? :)

# 18 - DVR

Sad to say but the DVR might be the best invention ever made. I can still watch my shows even during football season! Sometimes those shows are at 2:00 on a Saturday during the boys' nap but at least it's out there ready for my viewing pleasure!

# 19 - George

I'm thankful that King George is going on tour again and Jeremy and I have tickets! We are going to have a blast and I'm glad this is something we can agree to spend our money on... even though I told my friend Katie that 1 ticket costs about 6 boxes of diapers... the cheap kind at least!

# 20 - Friends

I've already been thankful for my friends once this month but... it's just nice to have people who know you and know what to say to make your day easier and better. My friend Rachel always knows what to say to me. It's funny - I could have a conversation with Jeremy and the same conversation with Rachel. She'll tell me the same thing he does - but it's better received because it's her. :)

I also had a friend, Lyndse, that brought me a fun treat today. Dove Peppermint Bark. Oh wow. If you haven't had it... you need to. It's amazing. She knows that Dove dark chocolate is a weakness and I love peppermint bark. Her gift today made my day... for some reason she knew that was just what I needed.

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