Friday, November 11, 2011

Nine & Ten

#9 Music

Music is a wonderful thing. A simple song can put you back a decade to a specific place in time and evoke a feeling that you had at that time. It can make you feel sad, happy, giddy, compassionate and a slew of other feelings. It is a great thing. I tried to make a list of my absolute favorite songs of all time but it was a complete fail. So instead... I'm going to do that thing when you are stumped in creative writing class where whatever idea comes to your head you write down. So my "brain dump" of favorite songs are below... in no apparent order.
  1. Love Shack by B52s
  2. ALMOST any song by George Strait
  3. Old Alan Jackson - definitely not the new
  4. KISS by Prince
  5. Rollin with the Flow - Mark Chestnutt
  6. We Believe in God - Amy Grant
  7. The River by Garth Brooks
  8. Old Reba
  9. Most anything by The Judd's
  10. Journey songs - (Faithfully, Don't Stop Believing)
If you notice a trend... I tend to like 80's and 90's and a lot of old country. I know... kinda uncool. :)

#10 Friends

I'm a lucky girl. I had the chance to hang out with two of my very best girl friends on Friday. Molly and Rachel. I'm always surprised and glad that we can spend the day or evening together and not do a lot but still be so completely happy to have the time together.

I met my sister in Lawrence on Friday and took her to lunch, then met up with Rachel, who was having lunch with her brother. Rachel and I walked down Mass Street for about 20 minutes then headed to Kansas City to meet up with Molly. When we got there, we played with her almost 6 month old, Olivia and discussed what we were going to to that evening. We ended up wandering the Plaza for a bit, grabbing dinner at BRGR (which was amazing if you are ever around Prairie Village), and watching a movie. We were in bed by midnight. It was perfect. There is something to be said about being able to say and do whatever you want around the people who you love the most. It was a great night. Too bad it won't happen again for another couple of months!

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