Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dave's first haircut

Dave had his first haircut this morning. Barber Bill, in Alta Vista, cut his hair and Dave behaved so well he got a sucker at the end! No tears at all... Here are the pictures!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A friend for life...

I received the most perfect text message from my friend Megan after sending out the results of our sonogram. It said, "Yay! Dave will have a friend for life!"

Dave is going to be a big brother to a little brother. He's going to teach him how to get into trouble, they are going to drive their momma crazy and they will be best friends for life. I hope for them the kind of bond that grows from a lifetime of late nights goofing off or talking about their futures, ganging up their parents to talk their way into something they want to do, family vacations and knowing each other inside and out. I couldn't be more excited to have two boys to try to drag worms, frogs and other reptiles into the house (like they'll get that past me!)

It's amazing how great sonogram pictures turn out! Even better than Dave's just 2 years ago!

This is a picture of the baby's face and his legs are folded up by his face... He's flexible!

The little white dot is the boy part!


Crossed legs - he's being modest. Not sure if he's my kid or not!


Isn't he beautiful???

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just over 24 hours

We have our sonogram in just over 24 hours! I'm so excited to see the baby, make sure everything is fine in there and find out the gender... I'll post on here Wednesday what the results are!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best Start to the Week...

I have baby fever. I realize I'm already on the baby train but I'm already getting anxious!

Our good friends, Ryne, Michele and Marlie Mae had a little girl Monday morning. I can't wait to get my hands on her this weekend!

At dance on Monday night, one of the teachers, Tawnie, had her 4-month-old little boy and he was a little flirt! I held him and snuggled him (without creeping Tawnie out) and danced around a little. It made me want another little boy!

A co-worker had her sonogram yesterday and she's having a little boy. To tell everyone, she brought in sugar cookies with a ribbon tied around them saying "It's a boy!" It was pretty darn cute and a yummy cookie too! Definately a double bonus.

We have our sonogram next Wednesday (Jan. 26th) and I can't wait... I'm ready to know what we're having!

And last but not least, not baby news, but still really exciting... one of the students in our office got engaged over the weekend. I'm a total sap about those things and it sounds like her fiance was so cute and romantic about the proposal. I'm so excited for her.

I wonder what other exciting news may come my way this week!


I wasn't going to make many new years resolutions this year, but two really stuck out in my head.

1. Patience

I find I'm lacking in this area, especially when it's been a long day and Jeremy's cranky and then Dave runs around for 10 minutes refusing to lay down to get his diaper changed and into his pajamas. I sometimes feel like I could just scream. On occasion, it might actually happen. I've seen this prayer, maybe it's actually a bible verse, I don't really know, but it often comes to mind. "God give me the patience to deal with my blessings." How perfect is this? What else would my handsome, sometimes cranky husband, beautiful and silly little man, and even the snuggly, sensitive Boo Dog be but blessings. So for tonight I will go to bed praying, "God grant me the patience to deal with my blessings."

I didn't really mean to write about much more than my #2 resolution but I got a little carried away...

2. Be a Better Friend

I'm not sure what this actually means...  I've always thought about this... and maybe you've even heard me ramble on about it... "Friends" don't fit into a nice neat category...

- There are the friends that you are delighted to see once a year but you just never get to catch up more than that...
- Friends that you call once a month to catch up but you never get a chance to see.
- Friends that you see often and take for granted
- Friends that you tell only your happy/funny stories
- Friends that you see a few times a year and pick up like you never missed a day of talking to them
- Friends that you can tell your deepest darkest secrets
- Friends you know will come running the minute you really need them
- Friends you love but you know won't be there those times you need them
- And if you are lucky - you'll have one or two friends that you can share your happiness, sorrows, fears, good moments, embarrassing moments, exciting stories and the random thoughts that float through your head (hello... this post!) and you know they'll be there for you whenever you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to say your husband was out of line and should have NEVER had said it (even if it was really YOU that was out of line)

I guess my task at being a better friend would depend on which category I fit in their "friend categories." Of course, I know I'm not the "Ultimate Friend" for each of my friends... and I can't possibly be there for each friend's important moments or each time they need me. But I guess I'll just aspire to be as good of a listener (actually this should probably be #3 on my resolution list) as I can be, there whenever possible, and make the time to talk and visit that I don't always make.

The best thing is... I know with just a little extra effort to keep my relationships strong - the payoff is great. I mean, how wonderful does it feel when you come back from a girls weekend or get off the phone from a heart to heart with one of your closest friends? It brightens my whole day... and I look forward to many bright days to come.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I haven't made time to blog about our Christmas so I guess it's better late than never...

We had a very relaxed Christmas this year. It was nice to just get to hang out with our families and relax - no running from Christmas event to Christmas event and just getting to chill. But, I guess it's not that hard when your families live 15 miles from each other!

Christmas Eve was spent with just Dave, Jeremy, Bella and me. As much as I tried to get Jeremy to let us open presents on Christmas Eve, he insisted we wait until Christmas morning. Christmas morning we got up and opened our stockings from Santa and our Christmas presents from each other. Davey got a couple of potty seats (apparently Jeremy and I are ready for that stage), a few books, some really cute slippers (that he actually wears!) and a few needed items. We decided to not spend a lot on toys this year as he already has a ton and we knew he would be getting some from his grandparents. Jeremy got me a new camera and we also bought a new sectional couch for the basement. Here is the only picture I have of Dave while opening presents.

On Christmas Day, we went to my parents for lunch and the afternoon.

On Sunday, we went to Jeremy's parents house for dinner. It was a nice low key Christmas.

It's amazing what a difference a year makes... last year little Dave couldn't walk, couldn't really crawl and just wasn't interested in much, besides the Christmas lights on our tree. This year, he was REALLY into the tree (unfortunately for my few ornaments that were smashed on the kitchen floor), and into EVERYTHING. I found a picture of him from last year and it just makes me so sad... My little baby is growing up too fast!

I know... Jeremy said I was ruining Dave's Christmas by dressing him in this bulky sweater and cords... but oh doesn't he look cute and chubby!
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