Monday, February 22, 2016

I am a Runner.

I am a Runner. Who would have ever thought it? If you knew me growing up, you would never expect that I like to run...

I ran the 4 x 200 relay in middle school. We were not necessarily good. I've never been a long distance runner either. However, in early 2013, I started a couch to 5K program and I was hooked. Embarrassingly, after I had been running for over a year, I decided to get fit for some running shoes at the Manhattan Running company. I had been running in $40 Nikes from Pennys! Yikes! That just proves that I'm cheap and that running and working out like that was not what I had typically done up to that point!

One of my favorite moments was when I was shopping for shoes, I told the lady in the store that I am kinda running on a regular basis. I'm not necessarily a runner but I do run about betweeen 1-3 miles about 3 times a week. She looked at me and said, "Honey, you are a runner. If you run that much a week, you are a runner." That moment really blew me away. I am a runner. I am a runner!

Since that moment, I've since ran several more 5Ks. I've ran in every city I have traveled. Running outside in a new and different city is such an awesome experience... a little frightening sometimes, but awesome. Currently, I'm training for a half marathon. Crazy. Today was my longest run... 7 miles... I ran for over an hour! I was super proud of myself! I walked in the door and told JM - I made it! :) He was proud but not quite as excited as me.

Right before I started off on my run tonight. Isn't my KSU headband cute? 

One thing that makes the running bearable is my playlist. I have the iTunes app on my phone and it is the best money spent each month. I've decided to share my prized playlist below. And btw - JM listens to country when he runs - who does that?!?

I run this playlist on Shuffle

You are welcome. 

Marital bliss.We took off last Friday and had a great jog on the Konza Trail in MHK. It was a fun time together. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Barefoot - Elin Hildenbrand

I've read several books this year already. I'm going to have to write about all of them at some point... but today is for Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand.

Barefoot was at the top of the bestseller list for quite some while. My expert opinion? It was okay. It had good character development and I was interested. It just didn't keep me wanting to read it. I love a book that sticks with you for days/weeks. A book that makes me question other things in life or at least jumps out at me in random times of the day. This book just didn't do that for me.

I laughed and cried at the appropriate moments and liked it just fine. But it was just that... a just fine book. I enjoy a good Sunday afternoon read, this book almost made that mark. The book was enjoyable, just drug out a bit too long to be considered that coveted "Sunday afternoon read" title.
I didn't do a great job in "selling" this book. But if you are interested... Amazon has it here. I vote getting it from the library. :) 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What I Learn From Timehop

Who doesn't love Timehop? I first signed up for Timehop thinking it would be a fun way to reminisce and watch the boys grow. I knew I would have some sad moments remembering when the boys were little and would get some smiles from memories with friends throughout the years. What I've been surprised by is what I've learned about what I didn't see when it was happening.

I have close friends. I've always been a good friend and have been friendly with those around me. Because of that, I've felt like I have many friends and a few close friends. When I look back on my years in college, it's a blur. My time was spent working, dancing (both teaching and on Classy Cats), and going to school. Boys were a big part of my time too. But when I look back, relationships are not at the front of my memory.

Timehop tells a different story. Every day I'm surprised at the moments I forgot. The moments of friendship, quick stories and general hanging out that meant so much at the time. It still means a lot now. While some of my "remember whens" are with friends I've lost touch with, it makes me feel a connection to them, and that time, all again. Its like opening a present that generates a smile, feels a little sad/wistful and hold a whole lot of blessings.

My Timehop from 02.03.2016. 

Dillon the Villain - in front of the fireplace... who can resist a freshly bathed baby?!? 

The sweetest hug I've ever encountered. 

This must be the Day of the Dillon. What a precious little guy!

I still concur. Age 23 was pretty damn awesome. 

Dave still picks his nose... and wears Dillon's pants. They fit a little better now!

Gold Fork was Houlihans when I was in college. Does anyone remember $5 Long Islands on Fridays... OMG!

Nichole shows up on my Timehop on the regular. I miss her. A true friend who would stick up for you... and tell you when you had salad in your teeth! Honesty is such a great quality.

I wonder what my daily time capsule will bring me tomorrow? 
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