Sunday, April 29, 2012

Show me your...

BEADS!!! Dave and Dill went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a bit this afternoon. When they came back, Dave looked like this...

Not sure where these came from - likely Country Stampede. And Dave is saying "Cheese." That's why the funny face! See in the background? That's our new shed that Jeremy and his friends built Saturday.

We had a great weekend... hope everyone else's was as good as ours! Nighty night!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goals Update

My friend Lyndse asked me where my April goals were. Ha! I didn't do any. Let me give you an update on my March goals, tell you what unspoken goals happened in April, and make myself accountable for May!

My monthly March goals were:
  • See the HUNGER GAMES
    • Done! I went with a good friend and it was really good! Not as good as the book - but still a good date anyway!
  • Decide on landscaping scheme for front and back yards. I've been searching the web and asking around at the local landscaping places for ideas and pricing. I'm thinking we're going to carve out a weekend to plant, lay edging and work on the flower beds. We painted our house ourselves two years ago over Memorial Day weekend and I'm hoping that weekend would work again.
    • Hum... somewhat done? Jeremy and I bought landscaping pavers and have put them in some of the beds. I've done the back flower bed in the back yard. Still deciding if I like it. I'm planning on changing up the bed right in front of our planter in front of the house but still haven't decided how.
  • Try at least one freezer crock pot meal. I keep seeing this on pinterest and think I should try it. Sounds perfect for us since I get home so late and am adamant that I'm going to spend some time with the boys instead of doing chores the whole time! - Note - Jeremy and I usually eat around 9:30 every night. That does not lead to small hips. :(
    • Negative. Not done whatsoever. Need a crock pot with a timer. That might be something to buy to help but I haven't been in the cooking/experimenting mood (just ask Jeremy).
April Goals that never were verbalized (or writtenized? since I can't verbal the blog):
  • Start a new job and attend training for new program at work!
    • Yes - this happened. The beginning of April I spent Monday-Thursday in Kansas City at Perceptive Software getting training on their ImageNow software. Pretty cool. Can't wait to get it started at work. I also started training on my new position at work which is doing Human Resources. So excited!
  • Get a little shopping done.
    • I need shoes and some new bras (children really wreck your boobs!). Jeremy needs jeans and shoes and shirts. He has not gotten new clothes in years! Dave needs some new clothes for summer. Dill is set. He gets to wear all Dave's hand me downs.
      • Somewhat succeeded. I bought two new pairs of shoes for summer and a new dress. Still am working on expanding my wardrobe. It's sad that the other day I was wishing for my maternity clothes. :(
      • Jeremy got jeans and a new shirt. The guy needs anything new that isn't gray. I believe every t-shirt he owns is gray.
      • Dave got a few new things. But - I'm waiting for garage sales to hit up to get him some play clothes that I won't worry about him getting ruined.
May Goals:
  • Set a date to build the bookshelf for the boys.
    • I mentioned I would like to build the boys a bookshelf for their room. For Christmas, my parents told me they had talked to someone from my hometown that would be willing to help me build the bookshelf that I want for the boys room and my parents are going to buy the materials. Probably need to get on that!
  • Dance Recital
    • The dance recital is at the end of this month. It's going to happen no matter what - but I'd really like it to happen WELL! Lots of work to do in the next month.
  • Date
    • I need to have a date with each of my boys. As Dillon gets older, I find myself needing to find some time with him as much as I need to find some time with Dave. And I always like extra time with my handsome hubby. Oh yeah - I shouldn't leave out the other man in my life, my dad. He owes me a date to the movies!
  • Read
    • I love to read. My goal this month is to read two books. I think I am going to try to start the James Patterson Women's Murder Club series.
These are in no particular order, but #1 on my list in my dates with my men!

Since I last posted.

A lot has happened since I last posted.
Dilly is crawing all over the place. He's walking behind his walker too.
David is going to live to 100. That's what he told Jeremy tonight. These boys are so crazy.
I started training for a new job. I'm going to be working at the same place but doing Human Resources duties.
Jeremy has been fishing, twice.
We had lunch together today.
We went on a date! But just in town.
Dave has been peeling his own clementines.
Dill is feeding himself - He loves bananas, strawberries, peas and potato casserole!

I've been meaning to post this for forever. Of course, Dillon would start crawling to his brother first. This is Dill's first "real" crawling. To Dave. Pretty sweet to me! Disclaimer - video can be a little jumpy. This is not taken from a video camera but one of those flip cam type ones.

Jeremy has taken a couple more videos. I'll try to upload them within the next few days too.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A note from mom...

I mentioned quite a while ago that I would tell my adoption story on here. I asked my mom to write a quick little post on "my story."

So - with no editing... A note from my mom. :)

"We were a happy little family who wanted more. We never wanted our son Troy to be an only child. Sam and I both have siblings. I have four brothers and one sister and Sam has two brothers and one sister. We wanted that for Troy. After years went by we called our old friend Steve in Kansas City. Steve was a lawyer and had done a lot of adoptions. I used to call him the “God Father” Ha!Ha! In May we got a call from Steve. He said a man who worked for him had a daughter who was putting her baby up for adoption and he was the lawyer. We were going to have a baby . Our prays were answered. Sam,Troy and I decided not to tell our family or friends what we were doing. I never wanted to talk about it if it all fell apart. It would be to painful. Poor Sam with one crazy mother to be with no baby bump. In September we told both grandparents and about three friends. They were all so happy for us. We were told the baby would be born in October. But on September 24 we were called. YOU HAVE A GIRL and she's 8 pounds. Come to Kansas City in two days and take her home. I remember running and jumping on the bed with Troy. And kissing Sam over and over again. God was good to us. By the next day my mother had made sheets, blankets and pillows all to match for her new grandchild. I called one friend and she filled up the dresser with clothes and diapers. We were ready!! On September 26 we were to sign the papers at the court  house. Steve's face said it all. The birth father will not sign. He wants the baby. I cried so hard—I thought I had lost the child that did not grow under my heart but in it. But I was wrong -he just wanted to meet us. I remember the minute he said he would sign. I hugged him and told him I loved him. We love both birth parents so much. They are the most unselfish, brave,loving people I know. They both wanted more for the baby. They trusted God.  My story  is nothing but happy. What all of this means is that if you are an adopted child, you become part of your family in a different way than by just being born into it. You were wanted by somebody very very very much."

More to come...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Perfect Day

Our babysitter was closed on Friday. Usually when this happens, which is not often, I rely on my parents, Jeremy's parents or another lady in town to watch the boys. This past week, we really didn't have that option. So, I took off.

I was kinda dreading being out from the office because we had just moved back into our office, which was undergoing renovations since the beginning of January, and I wanted to be there to get organized.

Silly, silly me. I should not have to be reminded on the important time that can be spent with my boys besides the weekends. We. Had. The. Best. Day. Ever. In fact, I think this day was the best day I've ever had with the boys together. The only thing that was missing was daddy.

My mom had a medical procedure on Thursday but actually ended up feeling better and joined the boys and I at THE ZOO! Dave was so excited... he kept telling me we were going to "the zoo, the park and for a Pic-Nic!"

Please bear with me for the photo bomb that is below... :)

Starting out... poor Dill didn't feel his best if you can't tell. He's actually since had his two top teeth poke through, no wonder he felt crappy!

First animal exhibit. The giraffes were awesome. Did anyone know that a giraffe only needs to sleep between 20 minutes and four hours in a 24 hour period. Can you imagine all that you could get done!

The orangutan kept playing with this blanket and covering himself up. We all watched him for quite a while... he was a funny guy! Dave kept saying, "I've never seen this before." He was cracking me up!

For some reason my mom thought it would be funny if Dave climbed up in the lion display. Obviously, these are stuffed. :)

On the lion.

At the elephant exhibit. This was my absolute favorite. I love the elephants.

Little Dill

We had a picnic for lunch near this pond. It was so wonderful. Until Dave, who is potty training, (more on that later) decided he was going to try to pee on a tree in the park. You know what? Bad parent here but I let him. There weren't many people around, no bathroom close, and I was just glad it wasn't in his pants!

At the park. It was a constant battle to keep Dill from eating the wood chips!

Dave loved the slide.

Dill and Grandma Betty

This is about as "Super Mom" as I get... pushing two boys at once! :) They were loving the swings and I was glad to find something that Dillon could do too!

Dave on the zip line. The day was hot. This was about the time I wished I'd opted to wear a pair of short and a t-shirt!

This place had some sweet slides.

Big Bonus to the day... On a spur of the moment kind of decision, Leilani (Granny Lolly) and Laken met us at the zoo. Dave was so cute because we kept talking about Laken and he kept saying that he didn't see Laken. Then I realized he thought we were talking about LINKIN which is his friend from Judy's. He was so confused cause he couldn't see Linkin!

Feeding Goats

Probably one of the only decent pictures I have of me and the boys. I love it.

My happy Dilly Dawg!

Leilani and I (and Dill)

Posing with the lions again.

Time to go home!

My weekend actually didn't end there. Jeremy was gone fishing at Table Rock Lake and I had plans to see my best friend, Rachel. Grandma Lori and Grandpa Richard watched the boys while I went to see Rach on Saturday. We had a blast shopping and just getting to see each other. It definitely does not happen often enough!

Jeremy and John had boat troubles and headed home early on Sunday. So I even got most of the day with my husband as well. A perfect weekend!
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