Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A note from mom...

I mentioned quite a while ago that I would tell my adoption story on here. I asked my mom to write a quick little post on "my story."

So - with no editing... A note from my mom. :)

"We were a happy little family who wanted more. We never wanted our son Troy to be an only child. Sam and I both have siblings. I have four brothers and one sister and Sam has two brothers and one sister. We wanted that for Troy. After years went by we called our old friend Steve in Kansas City. Steve was a lawyer and had done a lot of adoptions. I used to call him the “God Father” Ha!Ha! In May we got a call from Steve. He said a man who worked for him had a daughter who was putting her baby up for adoption and he was the lawyer. We were going to have a baby . Our prays were answered. Sam,Troy and I decided not to tell our family or friends what we were doing. I never wanted to talk about it if it all fell apart. It would be to painful. Poor Sam with one crazy mother to be with no baby bump. In September we told both grandparents and about three friends. They were all so happy for us. We were told the baby would be born in October. But on September 24 we were called. YOU HAVE A GIRL and she's 8 pounds. Come to Kansas City in two days and take her home. I remember running and jumping on the bed with Troy. And kissing Sam over and over again. God was good to us. By the next day my mother had made sheets, blankets and pillows all to match for her new grandchild. I called one friend and she filled up the dresser with clothes and diapers. We were ready!! On September 26 we were to sign the papers at the court  house. Steve's face said it all. The birth father will not sign. He wants the baby. I cried so hard—I thought I had lost the child that did not grow under my heart but in it. But I was wrong -he just wanted to meet us. I remember the minute he said he would sign. I hugged him and told him I loved him. We love both birth parents so much. They are the most unselfish, brave,loving people I know. They both wanted more for the baby. They trusted God.  My story  is nothing but happy. What all of this means is that if you are an adopted child, you become part of your family in a different way than by just being born into it. You were wanted by somebody very very very much."

More to come...


  1. Bad decision on my part to read this over my lunch hour (such a cry baby). Great to hear Betty's side :)

  2. I am crying like a baby!! Love you, Amanda!!

  3. Crying over here too.... great job Betty! Love you all!! :)


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