Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Perfect Day

Our babysitter was closed on Friday. Usually when this happens, which is not often, I rely on my parents, Jeremy's parents or another lady in town to watch the boys. This past week, we really didn't have that option. So, I took off.

I was kinda dreading being out from the office because we had just moved back into our office, which was undergoing renovations since the beginning of January, and I wanted to be there to get organized.

Silly, silly me. I should not have to be reminded on the important time that can be spent with my boys besides the weekends. We. Had. The. Best. Day. Ever. In fact, I think this day was the best day I've ever had with the boys together. The only thing that was missing was daddy.

My mom had a medical procedure on Thursday but actually ended up feeling better and joined the boys and I at THE ZOO! Dave was so excited... he kept telling me we were going to "the zoo, the park and for a Pic-Nic!"

Please bear with me for the photo bomb that is below... :)

Starting out... poor Dill didn't feel his best if you can't tell. He's actually since had his two top teeth poke through, no wonder he felt crappy!

First animal exhibit. The giraffes were awesome. Did anyone know that a giraffe only needs to sleep between 20 minutes and four hours in a 24 hour period. Can you imagine all that you could get done!

The orangutan kept playing with this blanket and covering himself up. We all watched him for quite a while... he was a funny guy! Dave kept saying, "I've never seen this before." He was cracking me up!

For some reason my mom thought it would be funny if Dave climbed up in the lion display. Obviously, these are stuffed. :)

On the lion.

At the elephant exhibit. This was my absolute favorite. I love the elephants.

Little Dill

We had a picnic for lunch near this pond. It was so wonderful. Until Dave, who is potty training, (more on that later) decided he was going to try to pee on a tree in the park. You know what? Bad parent here but I let him. There weren't many people around, no bathroom close, and I was just glad it wasn't in his pants!

At the park. It was a constant battle to keep Dill from eating the wood chips!

Dave loved the slide.

Dill and Grandma Betty

This is about as "Super Mom" as I get... pushing two boys at once! :) They were loving the swings and I was glad to find something that Dillon could do too!

Dave on the zip line. The day was hot. This was about the time I wished I'd opted to wear a pair of short and a t-shirt!

This place had some sweet slides.

Big Bonus to the day... On a spur of the moment kind of decision, Leilani (Granny Lolly) and Laken met us at the zoo. Dave was so cute because we kept talking about Laken and he kept saying that he didn't see Laken. Then I realized he thought we were talking about LINKIN which is his friend from Judy's. He was so confused cause he couldn't see Linkin!

Feeding Goats

Probably one of the only decent pictures I have of me and the boys. I love it.

My happy Dilly Dawg!

Leilani and I (and Dill)

Posing with the lions again.

Time to go home!

My weekend actually didn't end there. Jeremy was gone fishing at Table Rock Lake and I had plans to see my best friend, Rachel. Grandma Lori and Grandpa Richard watched the boys while I went to see Rach on Saturday. We had a blast shopping and just getting to see each other. It definitely does not happen often enough!

Jeremy and John had boat troubles and headed home early on Sunday. So I even got most of the day with my husband as well. A perfect weekend!

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