Friday, September 23, 2011


My birthday is Saturday. I'll be 27... woo hoo...  Birthdays don't seem to be a big deal anymore when you've become an adult.

Alta Vista's yearly "Old Settler's Day" celebration is Saturday and we'll be partaking in the festivities here in AV. I'll have to pretend it's my b-day celebration too...  Parade, turtle races, craft/flea market, and sand volleyball tournament will be on our list of things to do. We'll also try to watch the game and possibly hit up the Bam-a-Lam bar & grill for dinner and karaoke.

A couple of years ago, I decided to make my birthday the time where I sit back and look at my life for the past year and make goals and  resolutions for myself. I've always thought that New Year's resolutions were kinda wrong. I mean.... everyone in the country and the world sits back and says "I'm going to lose weight" or "I'm going to save more money", etc. Why wouldn't you take your birthday, which is really your new year, to make some personal goals and resolutions that fit more closely to who you are?

Without further ado... a few of my goals and resolutions.

  • Learn to do woodworking (added bonus of bonding with my dad who will have to help me out!). Growing up, I was in 4-H and was in the woodworking project. I refinished and fixed a wardrobe and two chairs. I loved doing it but never actually worked on building anything. This year I would love to learn to build a bookcase for the boys. I realize it will take "practicing" on a few things first, but eventually I'd love to be able to build something we could have forever. The downside to this is that I'd like to do everything in oak. Which is considerably more expensive than trying to build something out of a wood that we would just want to paint. The bookcase I want to make is here.

    Mine would be a little different because they would be a stained oak, not painted.

  • Take time for myself. I remember telling my mom shortly after Dillon was born that I could tell I was going to be a better example to the boys and take some personal time for myself sooner than I did with David. This is not the case. It's so easy to get wrapped up in what the boys need or want, that I often forget to take some much needed "me" time. Jeremy and I have been good about taking time with each other but alone time... not so much. I think it is very important to children to see their parents as not only parents and caregivers, but as people too. Obviously - my boys are quite a ways away from understanding this but nonetheless I think it's important. I want Dave and Dillon to see me as their momma, their daddy's wife, a friend to them and others and as a person who has hobbies and activities she likes to do. Even though I want my boys to see me this way, I want it for myself too. I'll be a much happier person if I remember to take some time for myself on a regular basis.

  • Think before speaking. Over the past few years, this has become a weakness of mine. Unfortunately, I've become much more comfortable with everyone and anyone knowing exactly what I think. I'm an open book. I think most people can tell how I feel without me even saying it  BUT it would be a little more appropriate for me to keep some things to myself. I'm a classic over-sharer. But I am taking a vow to try to slow down the over-sharing.

  • Give up chips. If you know me very well... you know that my one (food) weakness is chips. I could seriously eat a whole bag at one sitting. Gross, I know, but very truthful. This year, if I give up chips, I feel like I'll have other options at lunch such as a fruit or vegetable. So in a roundabout way... I'm trying to be healthier too. I'm still trying to decide if giving up chips includes chips and salsa at Mexican restaurants. I'm thinking no. :)
I'm sure I'll come up with some other ways to improve myself but maybe those will have to wait until next year and these four are tackled!

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