Thursday, September 1, 2011

The McDiffett Boys Love Camping!

A couple of weekends ago we went camping in Council Grove. The boys had a blast and Jeremy deemed me the worst camper ever... here's a rundown of our weekend.

Friday night
Jeremy only worked half a day on Friday so when I got to Council Grove, the camper was all set up and everything was ready. Have a mentioned before how awesome my husband is? Well... his setting up the camper was great but then he decided to be a social butterfly and forget about grilling dinner. I realize I could grill but I know NOTHING about grilling, nor do I aspire to be a great griller. I'll leave that up to my manly husband. So... we didn't start to grill dinner until it was twilight. Dillon was being such a good sport and Dave was playing with all the other kiddos. Not long after we started grilling, David hurt himself for the first out of three times that weekend.

Dave was playing over by the Wells' camper and started to trip. He put his hands down to catch himself, smack dab in the center of the grill. (It was one of those grills that sits a few inches off the ground.) It took him a second to figure out what happened then he screamed and cried for the next hour. I felt so bad for him, tried to get him to hold an ice pack but he was in so much pain, super tired, and not in his usual surroundings that he was pretty much inconsolable. We finally got him to bed and Dillon ready for bed and Jeremy and I decided we would just hit the hay too - even though it was only 9:30. What losers we are!

Saturday morning was not much better. The boys were up around 6:45 and we went for a walk while we waited for everyone else to get up. All the men, except for one, were fishing in a tournament at the city lake so they were already gone. Unfortunately, we were up for about 2 hours before we had any friends to play with but we made do wandering the campsite area. Dave had his two other injuries that morning. He ran into a pole and got a small goose egg on his head and tripped and fell onto the concrete where he proceeded to cut his lip and bleed for about 15 minutes. At that point, I figured we were done on the camping.

Saturday afternoon we went to Dave's cousin's birthday party in Council Grove and I left the boys at the lake with Jeremy while I ran to Alta Vista to send food with Priscilla to take to Lyndse. Now - why I am the worst camper ever - according to Jeremy. I took a shower while I was at home... I know... why would anyone shower at home when there is a perfectly good shower in the camper? Jeremy just couldn't believe I showered at home.

That evening, I took Dave swimming and we had a blast. We had hamburgers and smores. I might have had Jeremy's, mine and Dillon's share of the smores. That is seriously the best part of camping.

Jeremy was supposed to fish on Sunday morning as well. I guess there was one to many non-boaters so he was a gentleman and said he would come back and hang out with the ladies and kids. I was so glad he came back to hang out. He was in and out during the day running errands to get ice for everyone's coolers and to get adult beverages when needed.

We took the kiddos on a wagon ride. It was too much for me to pull by myself so Carly Wells (who is a third grader) went along and pushed it behind when it got too heavy.

I took Dave swimming again that afternoon. While we were swimming we had the best babysitter. Everytime our friend R.J. would hold Dill he would fall asleep so comfortably.

We went home that night to sleep in our own beds as it would be quite the challenge getting the boys ready and off to work/daycare at a reasonable time Monday morning.

Camping was great but I definitely enjoy it being a once or twice a summer thing!

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