Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Just a quick update on the exciting news of the day... My friend Lyndse had her twins today. I drove over to the hospital this morning and saw her, Brandon and the boys. How sweet and precious! I realize that Dillon is 2 months old now and not a big baby by any means BUT he feels like a huge, mature baby compared to those newborns. They were so sweet! I could have held either one of them forever... and newborns have this innocence to them that just melts your heart...

The boys, Bradyn and Brody, were doing great, as was Lyndse. I'm not posting a picture as I'm not sure Lyndse wants her boys all over the World Wide Web... even though there can't be THAT many people that are reading this! :) Apparently, the nurses were discussing if they were identical or not. At first they didn't think they were but after looking into it - they may be! They certainly looked alike! But I guess it all has to do with how many placentas or sacs there are?

I've come to the decision that I either need to be a professional baby maker or a O.B. nurse. I just have this wonderful feeling being on the 2nd floor of Mercy Regional Hospital. It's a peaceful feeling that maybe that's just where I belong. Jeremy... if you are reading this - please don't freak out on me!

I'm glad Lyndse let me share a bit of her very special day with her and her family. I'm sending lots of loving prayers their way for a few good nights of sleep at the hospital before the craziness sets in!

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  1. Michelle Dugar eat your heart out!! OR.... you could come back to nursing school with me. :-)


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