Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waiting on Pizza

Pizza is my favorite meal of all time. My sweet and loving husband got the ingredients for me to make it tonight... so... while I'm waiting on it to cook perfectly in the oven I'll post a little update.

1. I went back to work last week. Saturday and Sunday before was pretty hard but once I was back to work things just fell into place and it's not so bad now. It doesn't hurt that I actually like my job and the people I work with.

I mean... who would want to leave that?

2. Dillon had his two month check up and is doing really well. He's in the 49% for both weight and height. He's smiling and cooing all the time. I love to just sit there and have a conversation with him. Dave always chimes in with a "Coo, Dillon, Coo!"

3. When I was pregnant, I wanted so bad to drink some wine. I'm not a wine drinker at all so this was quite a surprise. A couple of weeks after Dill was born, Jeremy brought home a White Zinfindel. It was okay but maybe a little sweet for me. I have since talked with the experts at Nespor's in Westloop and bought a Pinot Nior. It's okay but I can't just drink it on it's own. Can't wait to go back in the next week or so and get a new suggestion

4. One of my best friends is going to have twins tomorrow! I'm super excited for her! She's supposed to have them around 7:30 - it's a C-section. I'll get to see two precious baby boys tomorrow morning!

5. We are camping this weekend. We are also thinking of buying a camper this year so it's kind of a "trial run" to see how it works with the two boys. I like to camp, but mostly, I think the boys will think that camping is the best time ever and will want to swim, bike, fish, skip rocks and basically just be outside every weekend in the coming summers.

6. Lastly - here is a picture of my guys from tonight.
David refuses to wear his shirt to bed at night... and says over and over "David's tummy." He's so stinkin' sweet sometimes!


  1. If you like white wine, but don't want something too sweet try a Pinot Grigio. :)

  2. To comment off of Ali's suggestion- Chards or Sauvignon Blancs (I think pinot grigios can be a little sweet sometimes). Your boys are the cutest!


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