Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I haven't made time to blog about our Christmas so I guess it's better late than never...

We had a very relaxed Christmas this year. It was nice to just get to hang out with our families and relax - no running from Christmas event to Christmas event and just getting to chill. But, I guess it's not that hard when your families live 15 miles from each other!

Christmas Eve was spent with just Dave, Jeremy, Bella and me. As much as I tried to get Jeremy to let us open presents on Christmas Eve, he insisted we wait until Christmas morning. Christmas morning we got up and opened our stockings from Santa and our Christmas presents from each other. Davey got a couple of potty seats (apparently Jeremy and I are ready for that stage), a few books, some really cute slippers (that he actually wears!) and a few needed items. We decided to not spend a lot on toys this year as he already has a ton and we knew he would be getting some from his grandparents. Jeremy got me a new camera and we also bought a new sectional couch for the basement. Here is the only picture I have of Dave while opening presents.

On Christmas Day, we went to my parents for lunch and the afternoon.

On Sunday, we went to Jeremy's parents house for dinner. It was a nice low key Christmas.

It's amazing what a difference a year makes... last year little Dave couldn't walk, couldn't really crawl and just wasn't interested in much, besides the Christmas lights on our tree. This year, he was REALLY into the tree (unfortunately for my few ornaments that were smashed on the kitchen floor), and into EVERYTHING. I found a picture of him from last year and it just makes me so sad... My little baby is growing up too fast!

I know... Jeremy said I was ruining Dave's Christmas by dressing him in this bulky sweater and cords... but oh doesn't he look cute and chubby!

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