Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Scary?

Living in a small town can be great... They can be great communities to live in. We are just lucky enough that our town makes a successful effort to be a community with (a few, I mean we aren't talking K.C. here) things to do.

Saturday was the annual Christmas parade and Santa came to town. There was also a soup supper at the local Baptist church - which I would have loved but Jeremy is just not that into soup. The parade was a bit of a dud as it was around 13 degrees outside! I think there were 5 floats and I was impressed it even happened.

Santa came to the church at 4:00 and I was so excited! I was going to take Dave and he was going to love it... Well Dave did go but as for loving it? Not so much... See for yourself!

He (and I) did enjoy the candy and popcorn ball that the church gave each child that came to visit. Added bonus - we had the melt down in front of about 10 people instead of the 50 or more that would have been present if we were at the mall!

I guess we won't be leaving Santa any cookies this year... :(

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