Friday, December 3, 2010


There is one man in my life that likes to show lots of PDA, and it's definately not my husband! Dave LOVES to hold hands. He's usually very independent but the time he is confined to his stroller or carseat he has to be touching someone to be happy. Thus, walks with him include Jeremy pushing the stroller and me walking beside it so we can hold hands on our jaunts around Alta Vista.

Car rides might be the most interesting though. On a recent drive home from seeing friends in Wichita, Dave decided he was not going to stop whining unless someone was holding his hand. We drove almost all the way from El Dorado to home with me sitting in the front seat with my arm snaked into the backseat so he could hold my fast asleep hand! Hopefully all this hand holding is training him to be a sweet boyfriend/husband in the far distant future!

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