Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best Start to the Week...

I have baby fever. I realize I'm already on the baby train but I'm already getting anxious!

Our good friends, Ryne, Michele and Marlie Mae had a little girl Monday morning. I can't wait to get my hands on her this weekend!

At dance on Monday night, one of the teachers, Tawnie, had her 4-month-old little boy and he was a little flirt! I held him and snuggled him (without creeping Tawnie out) and danced around a little. It made me want another little boy!

A co-worker had her sonogram yesterday and she's having a little boy. To tell everyone, she brought in sugar cookies with a ribbon tied around them saying "It's a boy!" It was pretty darn cute and a yummy cookie too! Definately a double bonus.

We have our sonogram next Wednesday (Jan. 26th) and I can't wait... I'm ready to know what we're having!

And last but not least, not baby news, but still really exciting... one of the students in our office got engaged over the weekend. I'm a total sap about those things and it sounds like her fiance was so cute and romantic about the proposal. I'm so excited for her.

I wonder what other exciting news may come my way this week!

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