Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seven & Eight

#7 Prissy

This is a little silly and superficial, but, I'm glad I'm not a prissy person. Yesterday it was pouring and I forgot my umbrella in my car. I had to make a run for it... but my run was about 3 football fields away. :) No big deal though... I thought my hair looked better afterward anyway!

Now, Jeremy would probably call me "prissy" but he used to call me "dainty" back in high school. I prefer that term. I am girly when the time calls for it but I'm not afraid to be seen not looking perfect and certainly don't worry about it often!

#8 Jobs

Jeremy and I are both lucky to have good jobs to support our family and that we actually enjoy. Part of my job is overseeing the recruiting for the college and handling one of the department's recruiting. It's amazing to me the amount of over-qualified people applying for positions. It makes you very thankful for what you have.

I also have a job where I get to work with people I enjoy. I have a few close friends at work and a boss who is understanding and allows all of her employees to work independently but provides guidance when needed. I made a stupid and somewhat big (by my standards) mistake today and when I told Priscilla about it, she was not upset with me and helped me recitfy it the best I could. She let me know that yes, it was stupid, but in the grand scheme of things, it was not a big deal and that I was already beating myself up about it without her even needing to say anything. It was exactly what I needed. It is definately nice to work for someone who understands their employees and understands that a reaming isn't going to fix anything.

SO - I'm thankful for my job, boss and co-workers. And I'm sure Jeremy will agree... we have it pretty good in the job arena.

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