Monday, November 14, 2011

Twelve, Thirteen, & Fourteen

I definately have much to be thankful for... but... this posting every day is obviously a little difficult for me!

#12 Bella Boo

Bella is our first child... our fur child some may say. I have to admit that I sometimes let Bell fly under my love radar and when I'm all caught up in what the boys are doing but she is a great dog. Bella is the most sensitive, loving and cuddly little weiner dog someone could hope for. She sleeps with Jeremy and I each night and is our little heater in the winter! We are lucky to have such a sweetie who will be four in less than a month!

*Sidenote - I've been informed by Jeremy that Bella will be 5 and not 4. Apparently I'm a bad parent.
Two Christmases ago

This summer... isn't she sweet!

#13 Teaching Dance

I've posted on here before about my love for dance. I was blessed to be able to teach again this year in Council Grove. I hate being away from the boys that night but love that I get to do something I love, get a little exercise and even make a little extra money! It's definately my way to release some tension each week...

#14 Love of Reading

This also doubles as a thank you to my parents... Thank you for giving me the love of reading. When I was younger, I would spend ALL DAY on Sunday reading. I have memories of eating a bag of chips (yes I know... I was addicted then too!), a can of Pepsi (healthy!) and reading for hours leaned against my bedroom door or on the living room couch. I'm glad my parents encouraged this hobby because to this day... I'd rather be reading than doing anything else. I'm completely content with a book in my hand no matter where I am. It's one of my greatest hopes that I can pass this love on to my boys. Dave already loves to read but its just hard to get him to stop for a few minutes to actually get through a whole book!

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  1. You should join Jocelyn and me in the bookclub we're in. It seriously helps me to read books I probably wouldn't read otherwise. Once a month, so it's not a huge time commitment!


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