Sunday, November 6, 2011

Five & Six

#5 - Our Kiddos Grandparents

Jeremy and I are very blessed to have the most wonderful parents. Not only are they great parents to us, but they are they also are great for the boys. It's so nice because David really loves them and always wants to go see Grandpa & Grandma's to "swing" "feed cats" "see Witch" "play Play Dough" and "Cheetos". He also loves going to Grandma and Papa's where he loves to read books, paint, have all sorts of yummy snacks and play on the computer. I'm sure Dillon loves to go too... but Dave definitely talks for both of them!  It's amazing and I'm sure it has something to do with being a grandparent, but, I swear - all four of them have some MAJOR patience. Richard, Jeremy's dad,  will swing Dave on the swing for an hour if that's what he wants and Betty, my mom, will read book after book for hours. They always want to see the boys and we always have someone waiting in line to watch them if we need a night out.

I don't have a lot of memories of my grandparents growing up... a little here and there... like watching Wheel of Fortune with my Grandma Bert and eating cereal out of those individual cereal boxes at my Grandma Voorhees' house. Jeremy, on the other hand, always has a story about some kind of trouble he and his cousins got into and I love to hear them. I hope our boys will remember a little better than their old mommy... we'll just have to remind them often of all the fun they get to have with their grandparents.

#6 - Leilani/Mike/Miranda/Laken

If you know me well at all... you know I'm adopted. I have some of those great parents (mentioned above) that talked to me about it growing up anytime I asked. They would always say... your birth parents loved you very much and that is why they believed they needed to give you to us. And you know what? Those great parents were right.

Enter The Wagner's. Leilani and I met shortly after I graduated from high school.
Long story short, you have to be 18 to search for birth parents. My parents always told me they would like for me to wait until closer to graduation because they didn't want me spending my senior year worrying about it. Jeremy took me to meet her at Olive Garden in Topeka. We talked there for a few hours and walked around the mall. It was very low key and comfortable. When I got back in the car - Jeremy just couldn't stop from smiling - he kept saying how alike we seemed and that we even walked similar! Ever since that day, we've been close. Mike has accepted us as family and so have the girls. I have two sweet sisters, Miranda and Laken. Grandma Carol is a grandma to me. My parents get along well with them and it's really just an extension of family now. How lucky am I?

Leilani, Mike and Laken watched the boys today while I attended a bridal shower.

The boys and Granny Lolly

The boys and Mike

I stole those pictures off of facebook - so thank you Leilani!

The girls and me in June... the weekend before Dill was born!

There is much more to my story of being adopted. Hopefully I'll get around to telling it all sometime in the near future!

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