Saturday, July 23, 2011

Accelerated Naptime

David got what we call around our house an "accelerated naptime." Pretty much that means he was being a tired, grouchy monster and needed to go to bed early! :) By noon I had been told "no" at least 70 times, been kicked and Dave had been to time out already. I was about to pull my hair out... THEN... my sweet little boy let me rock him and read him his books before naptime with little to no room on my lap because Dillon was with us. After the books were done he wanted to say "prayers" and rock. While we were rocking, he was giving Dillon kisses and rubbing his head. I mean really... how does the switch get flipped that fast?!?

In any case, naptime will be over in about 30 minutes. Hopefully he is refreshed and more like the sweet guy that went to bed rather than the grouchy guy from this morning!

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