Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Book Review - More of the same

I love to read. Since my last book post, I've joined a book club. The ladies are awesome. It's a diverse group of ages, backgrounds and careers - with a very important tie... we love to read. My book club has helped me branch out into new books that I wouldn't have normally picked.

However, when in a book drought, I always lean back into my favorite author. Nora Roberts was one of my first "adult reads" and she has always been there with an easy read that takes me to another land. One thing I love about NR, she has a ton of books that have a magical, futuristic or a little "out there" twist to them. I enjoy the romantic story line with a little extra pizzazz built in.

Enter my latest NR read... and book one of 2016!

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Stars of Fortune was great! I read it quickly and enjoyed it quite a bit. The book follows along a typical NR trilogy story line. Six people randomly find each other and form a group to fight whatever dark forces are that threaten them/society. Book one - the first couple hooks up (and so on and so forth). While it may be boring to follow such a predictable story line, NR changes it up each book with the magical. In this book we have a witch (or magician), mermaid, transporter, lycan, etc. Together they fight the evil Goddess that wants to take over the world and have eternal youth.

A quick, easy and enjoyable read - I always will pick up a NR book for lazy weekend at home.

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