Friday, May 6, 2011


Our Easter celebration started Saturday. Jeremy was busy helping Maggie and Lucas move from El Dorado to Council Grove so Dave and I hit the Alta Vista Easter Egg hunt by ourselves. Grandma Lori and Papa Sam also met us there to see little Dave have so much fun at the hunt!
Sunday morning the Easter bunny came. My mom would always wake me up singing some silly song on holidays so to keep with tradition, I brought Dave his basket singing "Here comes Peter Cottontail" he was not impressed!

He was not interested in anything in his basket except the fruit snacks!

Sunday afternoon Dave and I headed to my Aunt Gale's house for lunch and an Easter Egg hunt. I don't have any pictures of the day! I was too busy chasing Dave and Easter Egg hunting all over the place! We had a blast and made it home just in time to meet Dave's little cousin Parker Dean. Dave loved him and was so interested in giving him kisses. Then was off to play. Hopefully his own baby brother will be treated sweetly like that too!

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