Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A request

It's been requested that I post about my fall on Saturday night...

Saturday night my family had a birthday/retirement party for my mother. My brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, dad and Jeremy & I and boys met at the Hays House to surprise my mom with dinner. I had been rounding up a high chair and booster chair for the boys and had noticed a slick spot on the floor but had gingerly walked over it. Well later during the night, I was making a run to the bathroom apparently too fast and wiped out. I'm not talking about a graceful fall... I completely slipped with arms flying up in the air and landed on all fours in the restaurant. Thankfully it was in the corner of the restaurant not in the middle!

My beautiful niece and me at dinner.

My mom, brother and me at dinner.

The birthday girl and her grandkids.

After dinner we had a surprise get together at my parents house with cupcakes, cake and coffee.
Yummy cupcakes...

Dave and his cousin Truman wrestling. They play so well together.

Dill, mom's good friend Susan, and friend/former employer Eleanor.  

Two of the couples my parents hang out with. (Betty and Sam, my parents, are in the middle)

Dave doing the dishes after the party. He's such a super helper!

Baby Dill. He turned six months on Sunday. My baby is growing up before my eyes.


  1. I hope you're doing alright after your fall! Yikes!

    Happy belated birthday / retirement to your mom!! We love you, Betty!!

  2. Move here now please!!


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