Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Time of Year...

I always get very nostalgic this time of year. Working at K-State is awesome but driving by campus in early to mid-August is difficult. I have great memories of my time at K-State.  I was lucky enough to dance with the Classy Cats and summer practices, band camp and early morning games kicked my butt, but are also some of my very favorite memories. My freshman year, I went through rush. I LOVED rush and loved my sorority. I loved early mornings on campus, where there weren't many people out and loved the middle of the day when you'd walk through campus and would run into someone to talk to every 10 feet. I loved my college experience and reminice all of August... I'll probably be that parent trying to move into the dorms with their kids. :)

However, as I've gotten older, I actually have some regrets about my college years. Of course, I did stupid things that I'm not proud of, but those are not my regrets. I have a couple of really good friends from college, Molly and Rachel. I talk about them on here often. I was close to Emily Armstrong my senior year. We had the same major and were pretty much with each other 24/7. I wasn't "not myself" in college but I think I was always worried about what others thought of me and held back from my true personality. As I've matured, I've certainly not taken on my father's ideal of "I'm going to be myself and if you don't like me, I don't care..." but I've realized that it's much more important to be yourself than to have everyone like you. I still unfortunately care entirely too much about what other people think, but, I realize that you can't go through life trying to hide all your crazy and nuttiness. How boring it that?!?

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  1. Ben and I watched rehersal last night. It was so amazing... and yes, I got emotional. :-) I thought of you -- the CCs looked good!


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