Tuesday, June 18, 2013


"Mommy? What was the best part of your day?" "And what was the not so good part?"

Dave, Dill and I (and sometimes daddy) have started to play a game that we used to play on Classy Cats. Basically, a few times a month we would all sit in a circle and tell what the highs/lows of our lives were currently. I loved this because while we were all important to each other, we didn't always have the time to touch base with each person to provide support and share in the joys of each other's lives. Of course, you always had your best friends on the team who knew your daily trials and tribulations, but this exercise gave those other friends, that you still cared about but weren't as close with the chance to catch up as well...

I'm hoping that this daily ritual will give the boys and I the foundation to be able to share both the big and little joys and worries of each day. And in all honesty, it gives me a chance to reflect on what really matters in life.

So far Dillon's highs and his lows have been "NO!" which is his favorite word. I don't think he's enjoying the game yet. Dave's have been a little more inventive... "Eating Watermelon" "Playing in the big pool and Journey and Jeremiah's" and "Going to the Park" have been some of his highs. And most of the time he says, "I didn't have a sad part of the day." Which proves he's mostly a happy boy! :)

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