Monday, June 17, 2013


I have been pretty much non-existent on the blog for the last 6 months and I'm quite sad that I have not been updating everything that has been going on in our lives! There is a ton of changes that have been going on in the McDiffett household. I'll fill everyone in on all of that, but most importantly, we had a big birthday in our house in the last week...

Dillon Turned TWO!!!

Dillon's birthday was a pretty normal day. They went to the babysitter's and had snacks and we just had the dinner of Dillon's choice that night. He wanted spaghetti, so I whipped up some spaghetti when we got home. However, the poor kiddos got jipped because we only had half of what we needed for spaghetti noodles and had to use broken up lasagna noodles for the rest!

Thankfully, he didn't mind and we had a great rest of the night snuggling.

The next night David had a t-ball game so we had a quick bbq at our house with close family and some of the opposing team (which just happened to be Dwight and have some good friends on it).
Dilly and Papa

Grandpa and Uncle Steven

"Mal-Gal" and "Little Amanda"
I can't wait to watch these beautiful girls grow up. I just find them to be such sweethearts!
Blowing out TWO BIG candles!!!
Yummy Cake

 After Cake, Dillon got to open presents. However, I think the other kiddos were more excited about opening them that he was! One of his favorite gifts was a bubble machine. So cool!

It blows me away how fast time goes. I had a hard time with Dilly's b-day because when David turned two, I had already had Dillon. It is crazy to me that Dillon has now reached the age Dave was when he was born! I always think of the Kenny Chesney song, "Don't Blink" when I think of how fast times passes. And it's so easy to sit back and watch it go on past or to get wrapped up in the many daily things that don't matter. What truly matters are those special moments that don't necessarily always seem so important. Those sweet moments like when you husband reaches over to hold your hand when driving down the road (ha ha... I think I'm dreaming) or you realize that your boys are wrestling in the living room like boys are meant to do... and the younger one is holding his own against the older! I know I've said it before, but our house can be a bit of a circus sometimes, but I always need to remember to cherish that three ring circus. Someday that circus is going to slow down and eventually end, and I'll be wishing to have it back!




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