Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dark Witch: Book One of The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy

As I've mentioned, I LOVE to read. My mom has pictures of me as a young girl sitting on the floor of my room with a bag of potato chips (my other true love in life) and a book. I would just sit and read for HOURS if I could. A good friend's mom was posting on Facebook earlier this year about her goal to read so many books in a week. I seriously think she was wanting to read seven books in seven days. That led me to one of my resolutions/goals for this year. READ 52 BOOKS IN 2014!

Here is my brief snoypsis of book 1:

Book One: 

Dark Witch: Book One of The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy by Nora Roberts
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I'm a big fan of Nora Roberts. She writes a wide variety of books within the romance genre. She writes a "warm fuzzy" quartet of  "The Bride Quartet", some graphic/creepy novels, like "Montana Sky" and even a futuristic/murder mystery series by a psyeudomen, J.D. Robb. I absolutely love the J.D. Robb books and usually read the newest book within a month or so of when it is released. 

If you liked the Twilight books, Nora Roberts writes a series that I find very similar in the fact that I believe there are vampires, warlocks, etc., and still a great love story. It is called "The Circle Triology." The "Dark Witch" is the first of a triology and somewhat reminded me of "The Circle Triology". It is similar to all of Nora Robert's books in that there is a family type of setting, some drama, and a love story. In this book, the drama encompasses the fact that the main character is a witch, a good one, and is just finding herself. She moves to Ireland to find more about her roots and finds her two cousins, who are also witches. The three of them, and three of their friends, conspire and take on a evil witch who wants to steal their power.

Really that sums up the book. I like an easy read, and this was it. It was good and I'm waiting for the next one to come out. However, it doesn't have ANYTHING in it to make you think about it later on in the day, week or month. Basically, it's like a reality tv show. It's a good mindless way to spend your time. Which is something that I actually want every once in a while.


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  1. The Bride Quartet and Montana Sky are seriously some of my favorite Nora Roberts books!! You definitely need to read the "Born In" trilogy if you haven't yet. So so amazing!!


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