Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dance Party USA

Dave, Dill and I like to have dance parties in our living room, with the satellite radio blaring and the curtains closed. The above is actually a video when Dave and Dill were having a dance party on a Wednesday night without me. I am not home on Wednesday nights because I teach dance to 3-4  year olds and high schoolers on that night! That will soon be over though, as the dance recital is quickly approaching!

Last Sunday night - we were having a dance party and Dave said the following to Dillon...
"Come on small brother... you can do it... stand up like this... and dance with me!"
I'm always impressed with David's acceptance of Dillon sharing the spotlight with him and his love for his "small" brother. I hope they will grow up as best friends and love each other as much as they seem to now. The more Dill grows, the more excited Dave seems to be to have a partner in crime!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, this makes my heart melt!!! They are SO cute together Amanda. LOVE Dills clapping when Dave starts & Bella dancing in the background!!! What a great crew you've got. Proud Mama! Happy Mother's Day this Sunday to an awesome momma!!!


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