Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Next Chapter

This weekend had me reflecting on "new chapters" in life.

My niece Abbey turned 15 on Friday. Not only did she turn 15, she also purchased her first car! She was so excited. We didn't get to go to her house this weekend and I'm bummed. I wanted a ride in her new ride. I kept thinking about my first car and how fun that stage in life is. The freedom of getting to drive anywhere is so exciting... I remember volunteering to go to the grocery store to pick up bread, milk, or anything we needed! It helped that my cute boyfriend worked there but getting to drive, BY MYSELF, was the best!
My niece Abbey and nephew Josh. Geez, I think this had to be at least 8 years ago!
This past Thanksgiving... all the grandkids. Dave made all the hats for everyone.

At Easter this year, in all honesty, I think this was the best picture out of all... we can get a little goofy. And I don't even think I had two minutes to chat with my brother and his family. A toddler and a baby will do that to you!
K-State's graduation was Saturday. It has been 5 years since I graduated from Kansas State University. I have a couple of friends that graduated from there this year. Making it through college, graduating and in a decent amount of time, is a huge accomplishment! Graduating from high school shoves you into the real world, especially if you are going straight into the workforce, but graduating from college can be a huge jump into reality. When I was in college, I thought I was a responsible adult, but didn't really realize all that my parents still did for me, so when I graduated I was certainly surprised at what the real world had to offer. Some of my best memories were made at Classy Cats, Chi Omega, Bessie B. West dorm, Aggieville, Hale Library, Kearney Street and even class. Congratulations to all the graduates... may you enjoy stepping into the "real world" and hold your collegiate memories close to your heart.

Graduation day
Every K-State graduate has to have the photo op in front of the Kansas State University sign. This one just happens to be with my best friend, Rachel.

The last chapter that I thought about this weekend was becoming a mother. Out of everything that has changed in my life since I was in high school, this has obviously been the biggest and honestly, the best. Marriage was something new... and difficult! Jeremy and I lived with each other for about a year before we tied the knot, but I was surprised at how different it was to be married than to just be engaged. It's hard work to make sure the other person is content and happy, while also making sure you also are content and happy. As challenging as married life can be, nothing is more difficult, or more rewarding than being a parent. I have several friends that this mother's day was their first and a couple of friends that they are currently pregnant. Nothing has changed me more than being a parent. The constant struggle of finding a balance between keeping your marriage in a good place, being a patient parent, a good daughter, a good employee and even a good friend can be exhausting. But nothing is more rewarding than seeing your baby take a few steps (yes, Dilly is starting to toddle about a bit), or give you a hug and tell you how much they love snuggling with you. And honestly, sometimes just having your two-year-old listen to what you've asked him to do can make your entire day! Being a mother is a wonderful new chapter to turn to and in all actuality, from that time forward, a chapter that will never end or close. 

Baby Dave and his mommy at the hospital. Please excuse my bra strap hanging out and my headband... I remember my hair kept falling in my face. I think I wore that thing for about a month straight!
Baby Dill and his mommy at the hospital
Our crazy boys. Dave is wearing that bucket (and trying to get Dill to wear one too) and telling us he is the "King of Numbers" which is from UmiZoomi, his favorite cartoon.


  1. Love you! You are a wonderful mom of 2 adorable boys!!

  2. Aaahhh Bessie B.... good times. You have such a beautiful family! Love you!


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