Tuesday, May 22, 2012

These days

I've been hoping to blog... I have... but LIFE gets in the way.

When I'm driving to/from work, I always have things I want to put down, or blog about, but I never seem to get to it. So for lack of a better post, I'm just filling in on what is going on these days.


Seriously... if you have not had these yet, they are a must. It tastes like a Summer Beer. But be careful! They may sneak up on you if you've had more than one! Super Yummy!!!



I've been running. Or more like attempting to run. If you know me very well - watching me run is not pretty. So, I started the Couch to 5K program. I'm only on the end of the second week. I'm really trying to make this a priority and to not put off the days I'm "scheduled" to run. I've been doing this in the evenings after I put Dill to bed and Dave is watching his cartoon and winding down. The program is set up for the work out to be about 30 minutes for each workout, which is great, because I think that's the only amount of time I can commit to working out. A half hour is better than what I was doing before though, which is NOTHING!

Yard Work

Every weekend, my husband cracks the chore whip and makes a list, that I contribute to, of everything that we need to accomplish that weekend. The past few weekends have included working on the flower beds in the back yard. Actually, my mom and I had a little tutorial of "what to do in the garden" which consisted of me watching her and trying to pick up everything I didn't pay attention to when I was growing up. I have some before and after pictures but I'll try to post them when I have some of the front yard also. It's not a drastic transformation but definitely much, much better.

My Guys

It's amazing how much my love grows each day for my boys. David's vocabulary is getting so big, he's constantly cracking me up with all of his comments and gestures. We were on a walk the other day and saw Dave's babysitter. For some reason he thought he needed to introduce us to her (even though we are good friends with her and her family). We he introduced us he did so as "My mommy, my daddy, my Dillon and my Bella." He's also been wearing no shirt to bed at night and asks me, "Mommy, can I wear my tummy tonight!"
Dave wearing his tummy.

Dilly is saying "night, night" now and is toddling around a bit. He'll walk about 8-10 steps without holding our hands but we have to encourage him to do it. He's not quite interested in walking on his own. He is also getting a little personality and giggling at himself and at us. I thought he was going to be my quiet baby but that might not be the case! :)

With Uncle Steven.

And of course, I can't forget my first guy and my awesome hubby. I saw this on pinterest today and WILL be making/buying for our bedroom when I redo it, which is on the list of to-do's for the future.

source - 320 Sycamore blog
I love this quote. And it fits Jeremy and I perfectly. "It Was Always You"

Happy Monday!


  1. Mmmmmm Lime-A-Ritas! And, good for you on the C25K thing... I started it. Then I stopped it. Then I satarted it again. And then I stopped it again. lol I'll be at your first 5k with a sign that says "YAY AMANDA!"

  2. Oh my, you & Pepe should hang out. He LOVES Lime-A-Ritas.

  3. Totally trying those lime-a-Rita's this weekend! "My Dillion, my Bella," I die! What a cutie!


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