Monday, July 30, 2012


I've been M.I.A. I'm aware. Life is busy. Summer is going by so fast and I'm lazy. I'd rather play with the boys, read a book, work, get some sun... anything but get on the computer. But here I am, with about two months worth of pictures. I'm trying to revive the blog... Jeremy said CPR might not do it, but I'm going to try!
June is about the craziest and most expensive months for our family. Both boys were born in June so it seems like we are just going and going this month. In chronological order...
In late May, we met up with some friends (Joni and Jeffrey) at my favorite outside bar area in Aggieville... Kite's. Also the best place to get a summer beer if you want one! :) We then headed to the new Japanese Steakhouse in Manhattan which was awesome!

I grew up the "baby" of most of my cousins on my mom's side of the family... They picked on me incessantly. Had a nickname for me as well... WB which stood for Whiny Butt. Needless to say, I loved it. I absolutely adored my cousins and am so glad I had such great people who loved me growing up. As an adult, I realize how easily it would have been for them to see me as a truly annoying little cousin (which I was), but they didn't. They all drug me around with them on vacations, tolerated me and even spent time actually playing with me. I think about those days with a big grin on my face and count myself very lucky to have these "cool" older cousins to be my friends. :)

My cousin Doug (who I nicknamed Conehead growing up) biked in a race in Kansas called the "Dirty Kanza". It was a 200 mile race on the dirt and gravel roads of Kansas. There was a stop in Council Grove so my family met up and waited for him to arrive. We only were able to touch base with him for a few minutes but I was so glad we made the time to be there.

My nephew, Josh, while we were waiting. He's a monkey and just climbed right into that tree. Dave was so jealous... I think he wished he could be "cool" like cousin Josh.

The boys waiting...

We had Dilly's birthday party at the park this year. It was very windy. There was supposed to be a caterpillar theme but it didn't go off as planned because of the wind. Apparently, I'm not set up to be one of those cool moms with a "Pinterest worthy" party. As you can see below... pretty sure the star of the day didn't care!
Poor kid - his cake was supposed to be red... not pink!

Probably my favorite picture of the entire day.


Cake was covering his entire stomach!
Smiling at Lolly

We opened presents...

The boys got a firetruck to share between the two of them from Grandma and Papa (my parents). Dill is currently sharing it with cousin Parker though. : )

He loves pushing his chair around, but unfortunately is just to busy to take a seat!

New crocs from Grandma and Grandpa (Jeremy's parents). For some unknown reason, both of the boys LOVE crocs. Maybe it's because they can get them on and off so easily? Not sure, but they both wear them all the time.
Water gun!
Cousin Josh

Granny Lolly and Mike

Running to Grandma

When I saw this picture of Lolly and Dill, I immediately thought of the picture of Troy and Dave at his first Christmas. It amazes me how different and yet similar the two boys are!

Awkward family photo #1

Awkward family photo #2

The girls.

My niece Abbey and Dillon swinging

Poor Dave gets the short end of the stick. Jeremy is not a fan of big birthday parties. So, until the boys get older and tell us what they want to do for their b-day party, we've decided after the 1st to just have cake and ice cream with family at home. Dave's birthday was on a Monday and Grandma Lori had to work and Papa Sam was having (and still is) back problems, so it was a small get together. Nikki and Josh made the drive from Abilene and Grandma Betty and Grandpa Richard were there.
Dave, like many other 3 year-old boys, can be a goober at times. It's rare that we get a decent picture of him. He's such a cute little guy but screaming "CHEESE" at the camera does not usually make for good pictures!

Dave blew out the candles 3 times... He was just having too much fun!
I made cupcakes in ice cream cones for Dave to take to daycare and I didn't have the energy to make another cake for home, so we had them for our party at home too. They actually were pretty good, although I would suggest making them and eating right away... ours were a bit soggy!

Reading very intently.
Jeremy and I are very likely some of the cheapest people I know... thrifty I guess is a better term. However, we splurged and bought the boys a gator Powerwheels toy for their birthday. We gave it to them at Dave's b-day because we knew Dill wouldn't care, but it was for the two of them to share. Now, when I say cheap... I also mean that my parents and Jeremy's parents both went in on buying the gator too. :)

Proof of a "cheese" picture.

Peek-A-Boo with Grandpa

Jeremy and I went to a Royals game with our friends Jeffrey and Joni. It was a Friday night game, which was awesome, except it went into 14 innings! Yikes... makes for a long game - and then we didn't even win!

The happy couple.

Big Beers. These were like $10 a piece! CRAZY!


  1. love your pictures and looking at the boys...

  2. Wow. I can't even begin to tell you how honored I am to be a part of your lives. Love you guys very much!


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