Thursday, February 9, 2012


I'm not so hot at updating this blog with what we do on the weekends and for fun during the week so...

The weekend of January 14th, Jeremy and I drove to Little Rock, Arkansas to buy a fishing boat he had his eye on. We left our house Friday at 6:00 and got to Little Rock at 2:00 am with only one stop to get gas and a very romantic dinner at Sonic. We met the boat guy at 8:00 the next morning and were headed home at 9:00, with no boat. You heard correctly, no boat. It just didn't look as nice as the pictures and story the guy told Jeremy didn't match up with the condition that we thought it should be. So we are still looking... For my sanity and Jeremy's happiness - I hope he finds one soon!

The next weekend we got to go on a trip to the Ameristar Casino with Jeremy's work. They had a goal they needed to meet for 2011, and when they met that goal Lexinet promised to charter a bus to the casino. It was a fun night. Not only did they charter a bus to the casino, they provided beer on the bus, gave each employee and their spouse $100 when they got off the bus and bought drinks/dinner while there. Jeremy pocketed his $100 but I lost all but $25 on roulette. :(

Jeremy and I at the casino
Me and Maggie on the bus

I'm not sure if the boys are dancing or just trying to not get their picture taken...

This past weekend we just hung out around the house on Saturday and then went over to some friend's house for the Superbowl. I was SUPER cranky on Saturday and pouted around the house most of the day... but something good came from it and it made me e-mail Molly and Rachel to make a date. Hopefully we'll be able to get together in the next few weeks.

Sunday went to the Superbowl party at Maggie, Lucas, and Parker's. They just added on to a house they purchased in Council Grove and it looked SO NICE! We had a fun time letting the kids play and just enjoying each other's company. We got to see some friends we don't see often enough and I found a bottle of wine I enjoy.

It wasn't very expensive and it was really yummy!

 I've decided that I enjoy red wines that are a little dry more than the white sweet ones... so that's what I'm going with now - maybe I'll try to branch out again in a few months!

I also took some pictures of the boys on Saturday morning for our Valentine's Day cards... which are likely going to be late! Needless to say... none of these are "the one" and not making the card. Hopefully we can get a good picture this weekend.

Headlock #1

Dill sucking his toe... :)

Pretty sure Dave is pinching Dill's cheek... not punching him!

Headlock #2

We have big plans for this weekend of going to a boat show in Topeka... Woo hoo! My dad is having a knee replacement on Monday... keep him in your prayers!

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