Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where we left off...

The past two weekends have been a blast... a little crazy but so much fun!

Two weekends ago my girlfriends, Molly and Rachel, came to Alta Vista to hang out. We get together every couple of months at each others houses and seriously have the most fun, laid-back time. We played with the boys, made chipolte raspberry bean dip (the recipe from So Long Saloon in Manhattan) found here, saw "The Vow", and had a yummy breakfast made by Jeremy. The movie was good but not half as good as I was expecting. The time with my girfriends was awesome though and was exactly what I needed that weekend.

Poor Molly, when we lived in Council Grove, Molly and Rach were staying at the house and Bella ran up to her, jumped on her lap, and excited peed on her! Well, Saturday morning, Bella jumped into bed with Molls, and peed on the blanket right next to her again! I'm pretty sure we'll have to take Bella to the grandparents house next time the girls come so she doesn't get nailed again!

Me, Rach and Molly when we were in college... thinking this is Fake Patty's Day.
 My favorite part about our weekends together is that we can do something fun, or we can just chill and watch a movie on tv and chat. We are always comfortable with each other and everyone needs great friends like that! :)

This past weekend, Jeremy and I had a weekend together away from home. It was wonderful. We did miss the boys, but we had some much needed alone time together. We actually decided Friday afternoon to get a hotel room Friday and head to Kansas City early. Friday night we booked a room through Priceline where you can name your own price for a hotel room. I was being SUPER cheap and requested a room for $40. I wasn't picky with where we stayed and actually ended up getting a pretty nice room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Overland Park.

We got up early on Saturday morning and went to check out a boat that Jeremy is interested in. It was out in Lee Summit. The boat wasn't "The One" but I was very impressed with the dealership and would be happy if they had something he wanted in the future. We ate at a Waffle House while in Lee Summit and it was so good! I smelled like fried eggs and ham when we left but so did Jeremy so I guess we didn't notice so much...

Next on our day of fun was some shopping. Jeremy dropped me off at the Legends and went to Cabelas and then to Hooters to wait for me to get done. I actually really love shopping by myself and had fun shopping with the actual intent of purchasing something... which doesn't happen very often. I joined Jeremy at Hooters where we watched a bit of the K-State game. We stopped by the new Hollywood casino where one of our friends was working as a blackjack dealer. Obviously, we didn't do any gambling at his table but got there around the time that he was to have a break, so we got to chat with him for a while.

We headed to our hotel downtown to get ready for the concert and then met up with some friends for dinner at a Brewery in Power and Light. My friend Katie organized the dinner and it was so good to see her. Katie and I were friends growing up, roommates our freshman year of college and have been great friends ever since. We also met up with some other friends from home and got to hang out before and after the concert.
Jeremy actually had a nice shirt on under this hoodie - but he lives in his hoodie and apparently didn't want to take if off. :)

I obviously like taking pictures much more than my husband.

This was the last time, and I think only, time I've been to the Power and Light district in Kansas City. My bachelorette party. :) Picture is of: Myself, Lyndse (who had twins in 2011... see that here), Katie (as mentioned above), Rachel and Libby.

We had fun at the half of the concert that happend... Martina McBride has a beautiful voice and I loved listening to her at the concert. George came out and sang one song then told everyone he was going to reschedule for the next weekend. :( Thankfully, my parents were willing to watch the boys again this coming weekend and we get to go again, although, we won't be spending quite as much money or "living it up" quite like we did this past weekend.

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