Sunday, January 8, 2012

A little bit of this... A little bit of that...

The rest of December is as follows...

We watched our good friend's kiddos one evening. This was all of them eating a nutritous meal of chicken fries, mac & cheese and applesauce! I kept telling Jeremy how nice it was to have a full bar of babies but I'm not sure he agreed. I'm actually thinking this was right before Thanksgiving but wanted to get this picture in here!

Alta Vista had it's annual parade and Santa came to town. As you can see... David was not impressed.
Dill was really trying to figure out Santa's beard.

I got the boys dressed up in their holiday jammers and took a few pictures under the tree. I know my photography skills could use a little perfecting so please bear with me.

 Dave is holding a chocolate chip in his hand... I'm not above bribery in order to get him to sit for 2 minutes!

For comparision, the picture on the left is Dillon at 6 months and the right is David at 5 1/2 months! I forgot what a chunky guy Dave was! BTW... this picture of Dave and his daddy is one of my favorites. They look so sweet together!

We had Christmas with Leilani & family one weekend and on Sunday the grandpas put together the boys Christmas present of a new swing set.

The girls... Leilani, Me, Dill, Laken, Miranda & Dave

Laken and Dave reading a book.

That night, the bar in AV had it's 1 year anniversary of Jeremy's aunt and cousin owning it. They had karaoke... I may or may not have had one too many adult beverages and sang.

This picture cracks me up because it looks like a "couples" shot. Maggie and Lucas (Jeremy's cousin and wife and our close friends) and Jeremy and Harv. I'm not even going to explain Harv.

Harv is infamous for trying to dance with all the ladies and just being obnoxious most of the time but we all like him anyway. When we were leaving he told Jeremy, "You got a pretty little lady there." I'm not sure if I should be flattered or not...

The next day the guys were up bright and early to put together the boys Christmas present from the grandparents. Richard, my dad, and Jeremy took 6 hours on Sunday to put this together. Dave already loves it and I'm sure Dill will too!

Dave "helping"

David and Dillon were watching out the window all day to see when they could go out and play!

Sitting at the picnic table. Yes, this thing is so cool it has a picnic table!

My attempt to get a picture of me and the boys.

Dave and I watching cartoons before he goes to bed.

David won a stocking full of toys at the gas station in Council Grove. I think his grandma signed him up for it. There was actually some awesome stuff in there but we decided that David nor Dillon needed all those toys so we donated them to our local church here in AV to give to kiddos who needed them in the area. I wish David was old enough to understand giving to others, especially at the holidays, but he doesn't quite get it yet.

 The below picture is of Dave with his Oatmeal Rasin cookies and milk for Santa in front of the fireplace. We put them on the hearth because we figured Santa wouldn't miss them there. David and I went to read a Christmas story shortly after we put the cookies out and when we were walking back into the kitchen David yelled "BELLA!" Bella had eaten all but one of the cookies for Santa! We had to replinish the cookies and put them somewhere where she couldn't reach!

We had a pretty quiet Christmas. We were to have Christmas with the Young side on Christmas Eve but my mom was in the hospital that day, so I went to Council Grove for a while in the afternoon and met my brother & his family in the hospital room for a while. We just relaxed that night and opened presents Christmas Day at our house.

The boys with their stockings.

Bella Boo

Bella must have been a good doggie because she had TONS of treats in her stocking.

David's first remote controlled race car.
Dillon got the book, "God Gave us Christmas." It's really good. I would recommend for little ones.

PRESENTS!!! Yes, we did wrap up fruit snacks for Dave. He might have been most excited for those.

The aftermath - halfway cleaned up.

Our happy little family.


  1. Amanda you have a beautiful family!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas (looks pretty good from here!) and a Happy New Year!

  2. Oh man, that picture of Maggie & Lucas w/ Jeremy & Harv cracked me up and then LOVE the picture of just the 2 of them together.


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