Thursday, January 19, 2012

Braggy McBraggerson

I've never thought I'd be one of "those" parents. You know... the kind that are constantly shouting out their children's accomplishments to anyone that will listen? I don't think I'm that parent. But I'm about to do it for just one minute. So just bear with me.

This brag post is about Monster 1 a.k.a. Dave. He's bright. How he got to be so bright, I'm not sure. His parents are not geniuses... just average everyday people. Anyway...

My child could identify all the letters of the alphabet before he was 2. More like around 21-22 months. The Easter Bunny brought him foam bath letters at Easter last year and after I dumped him in the bathtub he started picking them up and saying what letters they were! So I started asking him to find me the "D" and the "W" and all the other letters. He could identify them all! He clearly did not pick this up from Jeremy or I because we hadn't been working on letters with him. I called Judy, his babysitter, and asked her if she'd been working with him. She said no. Apparently he just picked it up from watching cartoons on Nick Jr.

Now, at 2 1/2 (I can't believe he's that old!), he can count and identify the numbers to 25. He can point out a diamond, star, triangle, circle, rectangle, square, oval, and heart. Jeremy was driving him to Council Grove in the morning the other day and he looked out the window and told Jeremy, "That's the moon... it's a cresent!"

I don't really know what's normal for kids his age... and I don't really push him learning. But he seems to just be interested in it!

Now - if we could only get him potty-trained. He's just too content to do his business in his diaper! That's the spring goal for the McDiffett household.

Just a few pictures of Monster #1.

Thanksgiving 2011

Both Monsters together

My Sweet Boy


  1. That's amazing! I hope my monster catches on that quickly:)

  2. Amanda, there is not many children that can do all that amazing stuff that your little GENIUS boy can do. The potty training will come when he is ready...and then he can teach little Dillon all of the wonderful things that he knows how to do!!!

  3. Uhhh, ya he is going to be the next Einstein. I do remember that Mattie knew his letters pretty early on, but not that soon. Amber


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