Thursday, January 12, 2012

No laughing...

Just a quick story from our night last night.

The boys have been going to bed pretty good at night. Dillon has been sleeping well and either getting up once or sometimes even sleeping through the night. Last night, not so much. Dillon woke up for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours this morning. I gave him two bottles, tylenol (he had shots yesterday so I thought maybe that was bothering him), rocked, binkied, and changed a diaper. Nothing worked. He wasn't necessarily crying just fussing. Anyway, he woke Dave up. David is going through what is hopefully a short lived phase of wanting things in a particular way, therefore, I had to get him another cup of water. Then, when he realized he already had a cup of water, I had to take THAT one out of his crib. Then Jeremy tried to rock him but apparently wasn't doing it right so we made the decision to let the boys cry, shut the door and try to get some sleep ourselves.

We were laying in bed listening to Dave say, "Oh Momma! I need wrapped! Oh Daddy! I need rocked!" over and over in a screeching yell when we hear Dillon start laughing. Why he was laughing? I have no clue but David apparently didn't like it because he yelled to Dillon, "IT'S NOT FUNNY DILLON!" Needless to say, Jeremy and I were cracking up in bed. The boys were asleep within 5 minutes of that.

Wow... our house sometimes is a circus!

The starring members of our circus, in their K-State jammers during the Cotton Bowl game. David says, "I match Dillon!"

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Hey there! Your boys are SO cute! I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to reading about your circus:)


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